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Dispatch and Temp to Full-time

JL-Staff can help you to harness your full potential in the marketplace by using the dispatch system. In this system, you will be able to work at a school or company for short terms as an employee of JL-Staff. This allows you the freedom to concentrate on your work and your skills while JL-Staff handles the personnel developments.

What is Temp to Full-time?

Temp to Full-time is the system where part-time employment changes into direct employment. This happens upon the satisfactory completion of a pre-agreed fixed observation period (not longer than 6 months) between you and that company or school. Recently, this type of employment system has become attractive since one can decide whether to take a full-time position after actually working at the company or school for some time.

“I want to change my work situation to become a regular employee at an organization”
There is an organization that is searching for your unique capabilities. That may be the place that can help you express your ability to the maximum. At JL-Staff, our career consultants will do their best to support your change of occupation.

School Teachers
University Teachers

How does JL-STAFF’s ‘Direct Introduction’ system works?

JL-Staff’s Direct Introduction system is where a Client makes a request for someone with a particular ability and wants to hire them directly but doesn't know how to go about finding them. Due to JL-Staff’s assessment ability, we can provide the introductory service for an interested registrant. The company or school benefits by saving recruitment costs and the worker is able to begin work at a pre-desired location.

The strengths of JL-Staff

The Education Division of JL-Staff has developed the system of Total Human Resources, which comes from extensive experience in the arenas of IT personnel and development, Economics course development, the international placement of language students in both public and private schools in over 70 countries, as well as being the #1 Educational Consultancy firm in Japan.

When you say to yourself, “I want to use all of my skills efficiently,” the optimal job opportunity is an important part of fulfilling that wish. In order to be able to offer these types of positions to workers who have the desire to be at their best, JL-Staff developed the Total Human Resources operation in Japan.

And, since it is JL-Staff that created the foundation of the Total Human Resources system, a thorough support organization is in place from the registration point through the introduction to work, and continuing throughout employment. We introduce work that is suited to every person’s hope for a career, caring for the work environment in the selection process.


Reliable Staff Support

We strive to provide excellent support so that you, the temporary employee, will be satisfied with JL-Staff.

During the registration process, the career path and hopes of every person are perceptively acknowledged and the optimal job search is carried out.

Also, during the employment, a periodic follow-up call and visit to the place of work are carried out so that you can consult with us freely about any difficulties in the office environment or skills that you would like to take advantage of. In addition, substantial welfare programs such as social insurance and the generous use of paid holidays as well as tie-ups with affiliated recreation facilities at reduced rates are backing you up. This know-how that temporary employee staffing have come to know and appreciate for years is there for you to rely on.

Supportive Employment Feedback

The person in charge carries out a follow-up call to the place of work in order to allow free discussion of any difficulties that may arise or challenges you may want to pursue.

Moreover, a periodic graded investigation of satisfaction is conducted and prompt action is taken regarding the results obtained.

Furthermore, our base of manpower is spread out across more than 130 locations throughout the country, which allows for a degree of safety in the case of a move of residence.

*There is no guarantee that you can get a job after registering. That will depend on the needs of our Client organizations. Please understand this point.

*While one can register from anywhere in Japan through this online form, most of the placements for work will be in the Osaka, Nara, Shiga, Hyogo, Kyoto and Wakayama areas.

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